Reviewing Old Character Sketches....

So I'm branching out into character design now, still refreshing my brain and hands how to draw again. So to start with my character designing I thought I should review some old characters that haven't really ever seen the light of day, as ush'.  So here for now are some of my older characters and soon hopefully I will be uploading some new characters. Characters Characters characters, as if I haven't said that word enough. /'''\ (Ⓘ.Ⓘ) /'''\

The first three images were for an old friend of mine that I bumped into on the bus one day and she asked me to draw a few poses for one of her characters she was thinking of making into a comic. I'm not quite sure what happened to that idea, but here are some pictures of Beatrice McGuires (aka BT.)  character that I drew for her.

Below are some of my own designs in various stages. 


Some of these images and more work like this can be found on my deviantart page



Dusk Williams said...

LIKE - wanna see some more characters asap! hehe

Deni Santana said...

Haha! ok, I did some water colour ones the other day. Ill add them soon. =)

Deni Santana said...

Thanks for the comments hun! Your awesome, but you knew that already ne? ᕙ(`▽´)ᕗ xxxx

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