Prezent time again!

And amongst a few other things, I gave the gift of puzzle face.... 

So, as always I like to give something made (if I have the time) as an additional something for birthday grifts. So this time I have to think of a gift for an adorkable 3 year old, Aisha. So I figured that Puzzles aren't something that are given as gifts that much anymore, not like books, cuddlies or your ush franchizze stuff. 

So with that decided all I had to do was choose my image and paint away. 

These are the colours
 and shimmers that I
used for the whole thing.

And here are the image I used. 

And now for the progress pics! 

Then I primed the pieces with some simple PVA, just to fill in the grains and grooves of the paint to protect it the little bit from chocolaty fingers and snotty noses.  


And Finally it was finished
 and wrapped! 

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Dusk Williams said...

this is sooo goood!

Deni Santana said...

Haha, Thanks Dusk!! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

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