Holiday Time!

Apologies for what was suposed to be last weeks post just being posted before this one. But ateasy there are two now! ��

So as the title says. I'm on holiday in the beautiful Cõrdoba, Spain. My first day here and I thought I should post a little drawing before I start to have too much fun. �� 

This holiday I am focusing on water colour drawing and architecture. As Cõrdoba has three cultural main influences, where could I find a better place to get some really lovely drawings. 

So before I came away I went to the art shop and got an art haul that I most defiantly couldn't afford, but who can resist an art shop. On this trip I bought some fantastic water colour pens just got this trip. 

So far they have been really fun to use, not got too much experience with them yet but I'm sure by the end of the hols I'm going to be a pro. 

So here's a little sketch of 'A averroe mcmlxvii'. 

I added the birds because they were everywhere! 

If you look close you'll see that I've tricked you will Gauls perspective. ��

Until next time, 


A closer look at those icebergs..

(So this was meant to go out last week! For some reason my phone didn't upload it, so thanks phone. ��) so this week is a double posting week it seems! 

This week I'm still primarily working on the props for the animation 'once upon an iceberg' so I haven't had much time to invest in anything else incredibly creative. (That is until next week! See next weeks post to find out ��)  


So let's have a closer look at what I've been doing. 

We moved our studio first of all! Well, I say moved, more like removed to make way for another, lmuch larger production. 

And here's another Shot of me hard at work. Safety notice: always were protection gear when dealing with fibreglass, it's a prickly so n' so. Also it's dangerous so seriously guys... �� 

So our final concept is to have these peices apear like there the underside of an iceberg and have a small cap with snow on top. We're still testing on the snow but the burgs will be made from resin. As you've seen. So what do the final ice burgs look like? 

Here we go! 

This peice is a moc up of one of our smaller burgs, once we zoom in from the whole smaller scale peice. 

Next, a closer look at one of our wonderful resin burgs. Here we have one before any of the paint has been applied. As you can see its got a blue tinge already, this is because of the slight pigment dropped in when the resin was in liquid form. 

These bergs have been quite hard; figuring out how to paint while still maintaining the translucency and  keeping the light traveling through the paint, while creating texture! It has been the trickyist little peice. ��

Here a some more shots, each with a little bitore paint.

And just to finish off, a shot of us setting up for a proper moc up set up. 

What our test looked like with a backdrop and proper lighting. 

You can see more on my Instagram link past and future, here

Until next time! 

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Back on to Prop Making!

I forgot how much I love it! 

And I'm back at the NFTS! This May I've been traveling to Beaconsfeild to help out my oldest friend Liz with her film project, as I've said in my previous post.

        On my way to Bwacknsfeild 

Liz is the set designer and is designing for a stop motion animation 'Once Upon an Ice Burg'.  I'm very excited about this project and to help out any way I can, it's been a while since I have created; or assisted in this case, assets for a 2D feature. 

Right now I am concentrating on ice! Yup, you've got it, I'm helping to create the ice burg. I mentioned this a little bit before. 

We're using resin so that we can play with light, shade and texture to really help recreate the ice qualities. Also, shinny. 

 Here are some of the test peices that we have been producing. 

And me hard at work hacking out polly so we can have a cast of the resin. 

Here is inside the burg...

And the outside so far...

To shade the peice I'm spray painting I top of white highlights, inside of the resin casting. This way we can retain the gloss on the outside. 

And let's not forget the studio! 

Chow for now

Animating again!! Well, sort of...

So iv'e been busy recently; doing what? Oh nothing much, just reforming my life. As you do.

I'm sure we've all been there at one point or another. Finding the creativity and inspiration to implement what we actually want to do though is another matter. In my case it's a matter of organisation, presentation and implementation.

Knowing is the first step I think, and I have decided that I am going to extend this blog to an inspirational blog as well as creative sketchbook and behind the scenes blog.

That said I'm not quite there yet. Soon but not yet, I'm in the process of planing. The organisation part of things. While I'm doing this I am also working on a few projects with the hope of more to come. I have completely jumped into the pool of freelance!

So this is one of the projects I'm working on and I think its the one i'm most excited about. I'm back to Design and Prop making! Its been a while since I've had the ambition to get back into animation but with the help of an old friend and just a swell story line and aesthetics I don't think I could resist. 

So my current tasks are paint work, texturing and modeling; all for testing so far, but when they are approved by the director we will go ahead and make the final models. And I can proudly say this is my first time Polly sculpting, so I've had a lot of fun there. (Polly is what you can see under the desk there to the right, if your not sure its kind of like foam you get in parcels, just heavy duty.) 

Here are some resin tests with and without paint. Here we are testing  which texture would be better for ice. 

And more testing of materials here seeing which would be best for the icebergs inside columns. This is built up with more polly and plaster caster. Simple! 

I'm defiantly enjoying this project at the moment, so I'll be keeping you up to date! 

Until next time,

Illustration course End.

     As it sounds, my course in illustration has now finished and for a quick post i'm now putting up my final pieces.

Just a quick one today! 
Until next time,

Lessons In Illustrator.

Thats right i've been refreshing myself on Illustrator in a local class, and I have been creating some logos, posters and general funky designs. So naturally here I am sharing what I've been up to...

To start off with, a moodbord

Logos- messing with shapes 
and initials to create a personal image that 
would identify me and my personality.... I tried.


Might just be seeing these on my future art work. =D
Cards-Using basic shapes to 
create more complex and identifiable images. 

Messing around with text and 
pattern layering. I just stuck a picture in 
the background for funzies. 

And some design templates for stickers, mugs and keychains
using some of the techniques that i've learnt.  

I've got a couple weeks left and so far I've enjoyed what i've accomplished.

You know the drill,
Until next time,


Drawings I'm likely not going to finish...

Title pretty much says it all.

So as you can probably see allot of these pictures have similar shapes and tomes which is why I think I'm not so keen on them. I want to get some differences between my images and these are all too samie.  So here They are, shared because this is probably the only light of day they are going to see. 

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Making A kindle book cover.

OK! So I needed a new Kindle cover, and being a creative person that I am I thought, 'Hey, why don't I make my own. So I did a little research on how to make books, then used the principles of this to form my Kindle cover. 

S first I selected my material. I wanted it to have an old leather type feel to it, and since I had no leather and I was too impatient for the shops to open the next day, I created my own mock leather. 

I did this by basing my canvas material using acrylic. 

I then continued to add layers with the desired colours. 

After I had the colours and thinkness coated onto my material, I finished by texturing a slightly wet top coat with wire to really create that skin feel. After this I applied a gloss, then when this was dry a dry rubbed white watercolour into the grooves to create that extra depth. 

Once my material was created, I then cut out some foam covers and bound them with a softer car between them. I then folded the corners around the outside and secured them to make the main frame of the book cover. 

With the majority of the cover now made, I set to decopaging the inside with torn up paper and images.

Left it to dry. Added some stretchy cord to hold the kindle and pen and...

One Kindle cover.

That was lots of fun! I can see myself making more of these. 

Until next time,

Sketchbook From Holiday

Theres no better excuse then a holiday to sit down with a yummy beverage and sketch away at what your seeing. So I took my sketchbook out with me to Spain, as an artist should, and sketched whenever I got the opportunity. Which mean whenever I put down my camera enough and stood stationary for longer then 5 mins for me to sketch!

And this is what I produced. I would have loved to got more,
 but I'm happy that I at least got these done. 
At the airport.

Town shop. Mijas. See pictures from my photos, you might recognise. 

Might recognise this too. Promise it was not copied. =P
I just loved this place, SURROUNDED BY BIRDS!!!! So Manny BIRRDS!!! hahahaha!!

Sketches from the road. Obv's I wasn't driving.

Sheep on a feild


More from the road.

I tried. I didn't do him justice. 

And there we go. A few sketches to share. 

Until next time,

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