Making A kindle book cover.

OK! So I needed a new Kindle cover, and being a creative person that I am I thought, 'Hey, why don't I make my own. So I did a little research on how to make books, then used the principles of this to form my Kindle cover. 

S first I selected my material. I wanted it to have an old leather type feel to it, and since I had no leather and I was too impatient for the shops to open the next day, I created my own mock leather. 

I did this by basing my canvas material using acrylic. 

I then continued to add layers with the desired colours. 

After I had the colours and thinkness coated onto my material, I finished by texturing a slightly wet top coat with wire to really create that skin feel. After this I applied a gloss, then when this was dry a dry rubbed white watercolour into the grooves to create that extra depth. 

Once my material was created, I then cut out some foam covers and bound them with a softer car between them. I then folded the corners around the outside and secured them to make the main frame of the book cover. 

With the majority of the cover now made, I set to decopaging the inside with torn up paper and images.

Left it to dry. Added some stretchy cord to hold the kindle and pen and...

One Kindle cover.

That was lots of fun! I can see myself making more of these. 

Until next time,

Sketchbook From Holiday

Theres no better excuse then a holiday to sit down with a yummy beverage and sketch away at what your seeing. So I took my sketchbook out with me to Spain, as an artist should, and sketched whenever I got the opportunity. Which mean whenever I put down my camera enough and stood stationary for longer then 5 mins for me to sketch!

And this is what I produced. I would have loved to got more,
 but I'm happy that I at least got these done. 
At the airport.

Town shop. Mijas. See pictures from my photos, you might recognise. 

Might recognise this too. Promise it was not copied. =P
I just loved this place, SURROUNDED BY BIRDS!!!! So Manny BIRRDS!!! hahahaha!!

Sketches from the road. Obv's I wasn't driving.

Sheep on a feild


More from the road.

I tried. I didn't do him justice. 

And there we go. A few sketches to share. 

Until next time,

Photos Over December.

So as you might know, I love to take photographs, and I proudly title myself armature photographer. And as you do with a past time; I've taken a few pics over the December period and I would like to share the best of.


Few! OK I am restraining my self and only putting ones up that I love and cant resist showing again. If you want to see more of my pictures, as you know I have a flicker account, but I also have a new instagram account! Yay!! 

You can follow me here at

And a few that were not in December that I didn't share before! 

Ok i'm done. For now. (>‿◠)✌

Until next time,

Christmas Gifts!

Do I know its no longer Christmas? Yes, yes I do. Don't worry.

But as I do every year and as I have mentioned, I have just gotta show you my craftiness at Christmas time!

So this was an eventful December. Not only was I working through the holiday period for some of that extra dosh, I was crafting these beauties for my friends and family. (as well as continuing my personal projects, few!)

Not only was all of this going on, but my buddie ol' pal who is just in her last year of teaching in Kenya was coming home for Christmas. Now, her theme tune is driving home for Christmas, and it couldnt have been more appropriate!

So I will start with Aimees present first.

I bought the frame of the owl from Tiger. Tiger is amazing. If you don't know of this wonderful store yet, get to know it. Especially if your into crafting.  Not only is it reasonable prices but it contains all of the stuff you never knew you needed. And then more. And they regularly update the stock, which is a bonus. Think f it as a Woolworth's with more hipster in its DNA. 
(ahh, i miss Woolworths) 

I also made a few mugs again this year. They went down a treat last Christmas and I still have a few people that I hadn't given mugs to the previous year. 

Designed after the image of my friend in a similar
style to one of my own mugs painted year in the year. 

I also painted this little figurine inspired by Sante Maria.

And I burned the lid of this pot, engraved with the surname of my friend and filled the inside with home made lavender bags. Really does smell delish' when take off the lid.

If your curious at how I made the bags, it was really quite simple. 

  1. All you have to do is cut off the flowers from any strong smelling lavender bush, pop them onto a tray an leave them to dry. NOTE: the earlier the bud the stronger the amount of oil in the flower. 
  2. Once dry, rub off the flowers into a container, then with your desired amount of lavender mix in granulated sea salt. This holds in the smell.
  3. Mix then place into desired container or bag. Vola! Simple eh? 

Well I thoroughly enjoyed Christmas this year. After all my prezzies were made I indulged in a sizeable amount of mould wine. I do love that stuff.  I leave you with a few random pictures and collages of my Christmas festivities. 

Enjoy until next year! 



Yes, I attended a Lego convention!

(っ◔︣◡◔᷅)っBRICK2014 c(◕︣◡◕᷅c)

Over the December period I attended a few functions for work, but I think going to see the Lego was one of the most fun.  I met some really cool designers and fans of lego that had so much enthusiasm it was great to be apart of.

I was there on the first day and the convention with Game, the game shop helping to sell the new lego Batman game as well as other lego themed titles. I was cheeky and got there a wee bit earlier so I could walk around and see all of the cool stuff.

Here are a few of those swell things!

                                        And here I am meeting some awesome people.

Above, the actual real person that i met is Carl Greatrix,  and we discussed a few of his designs, his personal stall within the fan zone and not to mention the design processes behind the lego! We were also given an insight into how the two larger then life lego batman and robin (seen above) were made and then transferred into the convention.  It was very interesting! And for a flavour of what we discussed here is a short video that I found after the convention. 

If you would like to see more of Carl click here to see his Linkedin Profile. 

And lets not forget to show me hard at work...=p

And to finalise the day I received a wonderful autograph from one of the directors of the game! (Please forgive I really cant recall his name =/ I feel really bad!)  

And that was the Lego... sorry, BRick Convention!

Stay tuned to see more events and shenanigans. Ha!


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